It's been one year - but 2018 is all hands on deck!

I'm very happy with the progress and growth of the New England Whalers in 2017. It's only been one year, we've done so much; and we've barely gotten started!

The Whalers first started the year with CS:GO, then expanded mid year to Overwatch, then right before years end Call of Duty. Our front office had also grown from two in the first quarter to six by the last quarter of the year. The Whalers now roster 17+ players in four esports titles and are currently in the progress to add more.

As we launch our "Wave One" merch in Q1 2018, we expand our vision in affordable esports apparel and accessories.

We're thankful to all the supporters, mentors, and advisers we've had thus far. Without you all we would not be at this point today. We look forward to meeting, working, and learning from the esports industries best this year.

New England Whalers full speed ahead in 2018!



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