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Episode 9 | "Black Hole"

For this episode’s opening topic, the Off the Boat Podcast starts things off with Kylie Jenner. Kylie recently was wealth shamed for posting a picture of a Bugatti, and the boys put themselves in her shoes (12:00). Meech watched Netflix’s new rap music show Rhythm + Flow starring Chance the Rapper, and they dive into the Who’s the hottest rapper right now conversation (6:20). The guys finally watched the highly controversial Joker Movie and the guys compare it to lasts week @Bluraygin movie. This week, Bluraygin chose Taken with Liam Neilson for this episode's movie review (38:00). Fortnite broke the internet with their final event for season 10, and gamers went nuts over the black hole leading to season 11 map (1:15:00). Gronk became a sports analyst on FOX Sports during Thursday Night Football(1:33:49)

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