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Off The Boat Podcast - Episode 4| "Edibles"

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The Off The Boat team start Episode 4 with Jonhimselfs break down of his dating app Pickel excursion (10:00). The boys also debate who was the hottest 90's actress of all time (18:30). News broke out that the MCU lost the rights to the Spiderman movies, and Jonhimself and Captain Barbo share their experience with dabbling with Edible marijuana (32:00). The New England Patriots pick up Antonio Brown for a one year deal. As Pat's fanatics, the OTB Squad breaks down the conspiracy while hoping the drama is over (43:00). Dave Chapelle dropped a new stand up, and the Netflix ending the binge conversation started. With so many Big name shows coming out like Top Boy by drake, the witcher, how will they manage the binge (52:00).


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