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Off The Boat Podcast - Episode 5 | "Battle of the Couches"

Episode 5 begins with Jonhimself recapping what happened during week 2 of Fantasy football (1:54). Kany brings up how Hecz left Optic Gaming and announced joining NRG and Call of Duty Chicago (7:25). This week's "F*ck Stick Of The Week Award" after watching the new surveillance video from the Dominican Police (17:35). On the eve of the NFL's meeting with Antonio Brown's accuser, Captain Barbo brings up the new allegations that have surfaced and asked the guys their thoughts (23:43). Somehow debating if Rihanna is pregnant and diving into if she's hotter than Black Widow (30:00). Last week Apple revealed the new iPhone at their Special 2019 Keynote Event and Kany geeks out over the new iPhone 11 Pro. Later Tom debates how he could produce and direct a better tv show than Apple TV's original series "See" and "The Morning Show" (40:00). Wrapping up the episode with a heated discussion about California's 'Fair Pay To Play Act' (1:03).