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Off The Boat Podcast - Episode 7 | "Careful When You Sneeze"

Jonah Hill was cast for a Batman Movie and the Off The Boat crew brainstorm possible roles and if he’ll be the next Penguin (09:05). Kanye West fails to drop his new album, Jesus is King, and the boys discuss how it's becoming a pattern for Kanye's releases. The crew debate whether Kanye’s lagged delivery is tarnishing the relationship with his loyal fanbase (24:00). In the wake of yet another teacher-student sex scandal, the OTB crew talk about whether they would have hooked up with their high school teachers if given the chance (41:00). An uncredited source leaked information about Disney’s new streaming platform would also be adding Disney Channel Original Movies like Brink (49:15). Hot Girl Summer is officially over, and Kany and Big Meech as Jonhimself and Captain Barbo about their plans for cuffing season (53:55). Final Four of the Week: Best Female Villain (1:05:14).

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