Pursuing Our Future

I co-founded GG ESPORTS, LLC in Massachusetts with my good friend and fellow visionary Devon. Since meeting each other in our training group as support technicians for Apple over four years ago, we shared a vision to break-out in the esports industry. Not just to be another competitor, but also re-imagining and redefining the esports business standard.

Our esports company GG ESPORTS, DBA: New England Whalers, became a brand and then an amateur esports organization. Initially competing in open ranked leagues for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Overwatch (OW), and Call of Duty: WWII (CoD). By presenting a unique opportunity to prospective players to compete for our organization, we recruited about 20 players in our first year. That didn’t come without the good, bad, and ugly of managing many different personalities and temperaments. With these growing experiences, we set a solid foundation for the org and started to engage our growing business network.

We have entertained and carried on many conversations of interests to venture into the esports industry. I’ve heard, “Not yet” or “Let’s do a follow-up” many times. But we have not stopped just to have another conversation or wait for an answer.

The New England Whalers has been growing since the beginning and there’s no plan to stop. We currently run 6 competitive teams, and are in the works to add 5 more within the next months. Our complete roster ranges from 45 to 55 players and coaches. To support our growing number of teams/players we have expanded our front office and operations group to maintain our standard through each expansion. All giving their blood, sweat, and tears to the vision of this esports start-up.

To continue this growth into the main-stream esports market, I have decided to leave my job at Tesla to pursue the future of our organization. I believe with the current support, followers, and fans we have created in such a short time, that our seeding is inevitable. With the foundation our staff has laid for our business and the players for esports; it’s only a matter of time (short I hope) that we shake the right hand. I’m nervous of the risk, but excited of the prospect that will come.

Esports already has a global audience. Now we, the New England Whalers, are setting our mark in esports on the east coast.

“Make moves or make excuses!”

#AimHigher (Always);


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