Hand Over Fist; CSGO Additions

With pro league in sight, our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team make steady progress with the addition of Brendan "bwills" Williams and Coach Joseph "muenster" Lima.

"Coming off a monumental 16-2 MDL Season [S34] and qualification to IEM [NY] we look to set ourselves apart as the next professional org in NA. Coach has been a great and crucial addition since joining us at the beginning of July. I'm confident with our latest addition of "bwills" that we will accelerate our progress to pro league this year." - Diego Freitas Co-Founder CGO

"After taking a much-needed break from competitive CS, I'm really happy to be back and working alongside old friends and some new ones. Going to be working harder than before to secure that pro league spot." - Coach Joseph "muenster" Lima

"I'm super excited to be apart of the Whalers this season! The Whalers is a very hard working team with the goal to go pro this upcoming season and I couldn't be happier playing with these guys and having an amazing organization supporting us while we do it!" - Brendan "bwills" Willliams

Our CS:GO team debut the refreshed roster tonight in their MDL Season 35 opener.

Jonathan "djay" Dallal

Joshuah "pwnalone" Pigue

Ramal "rampage" Silva

Benjamin "ben1337" Smith

Brendan "bwills" Williams

Joseph "muenster" Lima [Coach]



About New England Whalers - New England Whalers, founded in 2017, is a professional esports organization based out of Boston, Massachusetts; currently competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive semi-pro Mountain Dew League. To learn more, visit https://www.whalers.gg and on all social media, @whalersgg.

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