Whalers PUBG gets cookin'

March 2, 2018

Our @PUBATTLEGROUNDS #team made it to the Closed Qualifier for the @pglesports #PUBG Spring Invitational run by @GlobalLoot on the weekend of February 17th. Our team placed 10th in the third round of the Closed Qualifier. It was a long - long night. It was exhausting just watching the stream. The guys had a rough start fighting the circle RNG and vehicle spawns but were able to turn it around and get kills for points multipliers - and majority top 10 placements with a few top 5! Extremely proud of the performance, dedication, and focus our guys displayed the past few weekends. Jumping right into the PUBG Pro scene with an some well known established teams and orgs. IEM, GLL, PGL, and the occurring PUBGO Open Series. The future is bright for this roster. We can now throw in any of our 6 and we know they will all perform! #AimHigher boys! #gg #fullspeedahead @whalersgg @Razer @TeamRazer @Gameflip @teamguilded @opseat #winwinckndin #esports #Boston #LetsGoWhalers #gameop



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