CS 18' Wrap-up

December 4, 2018

The Whalers Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) team wrapped up their first season in the ESEA Main North American League. The final match of the 2018 season took place on November 14, 2018 and the Whalers came away with a win, improving our record to 8-8.


The team started out white-hot, winning our first five matches of the season. In that early stretch, they won each of those matches by an average of four rounds. They also made fairly quick work of their opponents too. It took less than 30 rounds per match to wrap up a victory, 29.2 to be exact. This win streak took our CSGO team to the top of the Central Division standings.


The Whalers then hit a bit of a rough patch, losing the next 8 matches across the month of October. Halloween came and went and so did the team’s bad fortune.


November was good to the Whalers as we won the final three games of the season. Every team member contributed at least a 13.6 round win share in each match. Not the season record we hoped for but winning the last three in a row gives us momentum heading into next season.


If we gave out individual awards, Matheus “bzkA” would be the team MVP. He literally and figuratively killed it this season. He led the Whalers with 320 total kills and a 10.11 round win share across 16 matches.


When it comes to accuracy, Rodrigo “RDG” is the man for the job. His 22.4 Head Shot Percentage was tops on the Whalers in the 2018 season.


Need to blow something up? Look no further than Bertoldo . He planted 37 bombs in all matches this year, which was the best on the roster.


Vito “Shoke” kept calm under pressure this season. He tied for the team lead in one on two kills. He had success in three of those situations in 2018.


Last but not least we want to give a special shout out to Ignacio “Kracket”. We parted ways with our Chilean team member on November 22. We want to wish Kracket nothing but the best moving forward and thank him for his play and his professionalism this season. Most of all he was a great teammate, dishing out 51 assists during the 2018 season.


The CSGO team’s season as a whole didn’t go the way they would have wanted it to. But, our front office is going to re-tool the roster, work on some new strategies and continue to improve on this season’s success. We’ll be back next year with a full Brazilian line-up.


Vito “Shoke”

Mathews “Bzka”

Rodrigo “RDG”




Coach *TBD


Follow the Whalers on all social media platforms: instagram.com/whalersgg ; twitter.com/whalersgg; facebook.com/whalersgg & twitch.tv/whalersgg. Look for updates on the CSGO roster and all our other teams in the organization.

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